Energy Therapy

Definite Cure for Corona Virus

Anyone who is suffering from the disease or having symptoms of Corona Virus, please perform the following therapy to get cured
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STEP 1: Holding Forehead

JUST put your Right or Left (preferably right) Hand with Two Fingers (index & middle) and Thumb on your FOREHEAD

Close your EYES and sit in silence for sometime until you feel peaceful. Now open your eyes...

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STEP 2: Holding Both Hands

...Hold both of your hands in the specific position (shown in picture)

Close your EYES again and sit in silence for sometime until you feel light and peaceful

Do this Twice a Day (morning and evening) for Three Days ONLY.
Note: If someone is unable to do the therapy by him/herself, YOU can do it (after applying the therapy to yourself) by putting your right hand on his/her forehead and closing your eyes. For second step...hold his hand (preferably right) and close your eyes till you are peaceful.

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“Man is mechanical and he generally says his prayers mechanically too. If he is genuine and if he has faith and belief and devotion, all he says has an effect; and that effect will perform miracles. ... When he invokes the names of God man forgets his limitations and impresses his soul with the thought of the Unlimited, which brings him to the ideal of limitlessness. This is the secret of life's attainment.

like a spring that rises up out of the rock and that, as soon as the water has gained power and strength, breaks even through stone and becomes a stream. So it is with the divine spark in man. Through concentration, through meditation, it breaks out and manifests; and where it manifests, it washes away the stains of the false ego and turns into a greater and greater stream. This in turn becomes the source of comfort, consolation, healing and happiness for all who come into contact with that spirit”

I was just reading these text of Hz. Inayat Khan(A legendary Sufi in early 19s).

I have been doing the energy therapy for three days and felt that I had more inner peace and felt stronger. The amazing experience was that it was as if someone else was touching my forehead and later holding my hand. That felt very relaxing and comforting.

Mèhèra Haseen

The Netherlands

As one united world, we are going through such a transformative time in the human history. The virus, as I see it, more than anything is there to help us come back to ourselves and remember why we are here and remember where we came from. The Creator of this Universe, he has the power to gather people under one single umbrella by all means. There is not one single soul that is completely immune to this virus, anyone of us can contact it. However, what really important is that this transformative times can help us get into contact with something much bigger than what we imagined possible. We as human beings think ourselves as the body only, and that’s where we go wrong and this might be the cause of all of our problems. What we are in actual is a soul, connected to the One, but we forget it over and over again. All healing takes place in the absence of ego, in the absence of selfishness, and in the presence of God. Meditation brings one back to that place of complete emptiness, the ease of being and eternal peace. Human nervous system is both a receiver and a transmitter blessed by God. When the nervous system is stimulated through just sitting in silence and being in the presence of the Source, the healing response is automatically activated. This is now a known fact by many scientists who are writing books about it.

To be honest, I had mild symptoms of flu when I did the energy therapy. With all my heart and soul I can say that all my symptoms were gone the next day. When I did it, I felt complete peace take over me, cleaning of my thoughts, a lightness of my body. I had headaches and they were gone. I found myself in a solitary place of comfort and I felt like most of my problems were only my thoughts about what was happening. After doing it myself, I offered this to my brother who had difficulty breathing and first time he did it, his breathing was relieved and he said he feels like the tension in his body is dissolving and he is feeling calm and peaceful. Greatest healing is not of virus, but of our own internal illness of thanklessness. And in that silence, I found just that. I want to thank to the creators of this website for opening the doors of mighty connection and thank them for doing it free of expectations from anyone. This is the greatest service to the humanity.



The world today is faced with challenging times. The Corona Virus Global Pandemic is exhausting people, both physically and mentally.

In these tiring times, it is of utmost importance to maintain our health and boost our immunity systems in natural ways. One of these ways is Energy Therapy.


Energy therapy is an alternative and complementary medicine based therapy focused on the energies that flow through our body. The main goal of energy therapy is to create a balance between the energies that flow through the body of the patient.

Energy therapy is a potent way of reducing the feeling of anxiety and stress, along with other symptoms related to any specific condition. Balancing the flow of the energies in the body helps to improve the health condition of the body.


The energy therapy helps to boost the immune system of the body, which makes it strong enough to fight the symptoms that are occurring. The energy balance also helps to reduce the various side effects, improving the health condition of the body.

It is also known as “energy healing.” A balanced energy flow helps to increase the flow of energies and reduces the blocks in the body. By improving the flow of energies, the intensity of pain in the body decreases. An improved energy flow also works to create a feeling of relaxation in the body and accelerates the rate of healing.


Corona Virus not only affects a person’s body physically but also caused high levels of stress. That is why energy therapies can be extremely beneficial. The therapy not only causes a reduction in the intensity of the symptoms experienced by the individual but also helps to reduce the levels of stress faced by them.

The therapy balances the energies of the body, improves the flow of the positive energies, and helps cure the symptoms. The feeling of relaxation formed in the body helps to reduce the levels of stress and anxiety that are caused by the Corona Virus symptoms.

Alex Johnson


People are dying everyday and people have nothing left to lose. These same people can pay millions of dollars for so called energy therapies, seeking alternative solutions just because they don’t know what to do. Right now, there’s no known medicine for coronavirus and it affects elderly mainly. It affects a certain population more, because of many factors, like low immunity, stress, other problems. One should remember that stress and inflammation are two biggest denominators in either you get healed or not. And these two are not actually caused by outside incidents, they are caused by the way you reframe and think about your world, it’s mainly INTERNAL.

Thoughts are the cause of all suffering, silence is transcendence. While we are all at home, for free, we could try this and see what happens. Those who know how healing response works will understand. Those who know sitting in silence and relaxation activates healing response will understand. Those who know about nervous system and how it acts like an antenna will understand.

Those who know about energy will sense what this is about. You’d listen to your energy healers, Dr Joe Dispenza - OFFICIAL NEWS & FAN PAGE, Deepak Chopra, Bruce Lipton, Holistic Psychologist. They all feel like they need to give you an explanation because you won’t stop questioning and just TRY. Still, those who will do it without seeking explanation will be the ones who will go direct to the source of healing. You’d find many offerings online now under the name of energy therapy, asking you to empty your bank account. Hope you enjoy this free service for humanity. Aaron Doughty Holistic PsychologistVictor Oddo Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D Deepak Chopra Marianne Williamson The Work of Byron Katie Thich Nhat Hanh Dr Joe Dispenza



Holding my forehead the way the Energy Therapy prescribes brings me deeply in tough with my inner self as if a hand from a much bigger dimension holds me and helps me to find this inner space where it is amazingly peaceful, where there is an unlimited space, where it is light and where a healing power seems to stream through me.

I am not locked up in my own body anymore but resonate with the energy of the Universe. Through resonating with this energy all around me my own energy is being “aligned”, is being brought in harmony and can heal.

Holding my hand is like holding the hands of the whole of humanity in all its suffering and all its joys. Consoling, enjoying, loving.

I can´t think of anything more beautiful than that.

And aren´t beauty and love the biggest healing powers…..?

Teresa Martin


A few days ago I thought I got the coronavirus, I have allergic asthma so breathing troubles were pretty familiar to me, but my symptoms got worse and accompanied by a mild fever so I thought to give it a try since it claims to work very quickly. I was surprised to find out that I immediately felt it was easier to breathe and it dampened the headache I was experiencing because of my fever.I think it’s worth a try for everyone experiencing these symptoms.